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Frequently Asked Questions About T-Stick

Q: Why not use a meat thermometer?
A: The sensing part of a meat thermometer is 2 inches long, and must be entirely inserted to be accurate. This is difficult to do with a 3/8 inch thick hamburger. T-Sticks eliminate cross-contamination, do not need to be re-calibrated like regular thermometers, and are quick and easy to use.

Q: Can you tell when meat is thoroughly cooked by its color?
A: Consumers who prepare meat and depend on color are taking a chance. Some ground beef loses its color before reaching 160°F. A ground beef product cooked to 160°F, or chicken parts cooked to 170°F are safe regardless of color.

Q: What about cooking fish?
A: When fish is cooked to 140°F, it turns out perfectly every time. Some gourmet restaurants are having great success using T-Sticks to verify their fish has been cooked to the correct temperature.

Q: How do I tell when chicken is done?
A: Insert a knife into the chicken in its thickest part, remove the knife, then slip the T-Stick into the slot left by the knife. Wait 10 seconds, pull the T-Stick out and observe its color. When the square at the tip of the T-Stick has turned completely brown the chicken has reached an internal temperature of 170°F and will be perfectly cooked.

Q: When cooking hamburgers, which one do you test with the T-Sticks?
A: (1) If all the hamburgers are the same size, then check the one that is on the coolest part of the grill or oven. (2) If the hamburgers or ground beef products are of different sizes, then check the largest one in its thickest area.

Q: What about re-heating food? Can I get food poisoning from food that isn't re-heated to a high enough temperature?
A: You can definitely get food poisoning from food that isn't re-heated to a high enough temperature. Warm food or room temperature food is a perfect growing medium for bacteria. To use the T-Stick to eliminate this danger, simply re-heat your food on the stove or in the microwave, give it a stir, then insert a 160 T-Stick. When the square turns completely black, you can be assured that the food has reached a high enough internal temperature to kill harmful bacteria

Q: What happens if my T-Stick does not turn completely black in the square?
A: Cook the food further. To avoid cross-contamination, reinsert the same T-Stick into the same food product. Since T-Sticks do not average the temperature, they will indicate if there is a cold spot and if further cooking is needed.

Q: Will the T-Stick turn color as I insert it through the outside surface of the food?
A: No. Because the T-Stick takes 5 seconds to change color, quickly passing through a warmer part of the food product will not affect its accuracy.


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